A Message from Christian Desrosiers

 The news about Jim was devastating.

I was a relatively new addition to the Demeter fold, having entered around June of last year if memory serves me correctly, but Jim, in his insightful and caring way, quickly made a huge difference in my life.

To be truthful, my co-founder (Nigel, another Demeterite) and I didn't have much of a business on our hands when we entered Demeter. We were essentially very talented grant writers running an NGO masquerading as a business, but with aspirations to building a business that delivered meaningful social impact. We only graduated to truly running a business after benefiting from Jim's time and attention. He made himself available day or night---and often on very short notice---to guide us through the twists and turns of building a company, including calming me down and talking me through during my periodic mental breakdowns.

I felt his caring and love intensely. I know that it's expected to hear platitudes on the occasion of someone's passing, but I mean this with every ounce of authenticity inside me: my life will forever be different and better because of Jim. He took an inchoate passion for doing good in the world, strengthened it, and gave it a definition that made it actionable. I'm grateful for having the privilege of receiving his guidance.

There is a small group of people who have touched my life so profoundly, in such positive ways, that I go forward in life hoping that I can honor in my actions their memory, energy, and love. Jim quickly joined those ranks. I will be forever grateful for having known him. I will always owe Jim a great debt.

He was an extraordinary man.

A Message from Tom Chase

I first met Jim while visiting my parents in Maine. I eventually realized that the CEO of Laura Ashley was pulling my Dad's wharf out of the lake with his tractor.

Jim and Shoshana looked after my parents in their later years. They would check on them, have them for dinner, bring the kids over for visits, bring their trash to the dump, upgraded their 1940' camp with a sink and refrigerator from one of their house rehab's, and basically always helped them in anyway they could.

My siblings would get jealous that my parents had more pictures of Chloe and Jake on their fridge than they did of our kids!

I don't know of Jim's business acumen. I only know of a guy that worked hard in his fields, was a loving husband, proud father, and always had a patient, thoughtful smile on his face.

RIP Jim Maxmin

All our love to Shoshana, Chloe, and Jake from the Chase family (Tom, Meg, Emily, and Anna)