A Message from Robin Stott

 I hope this photo of us three taken at the barn on our field is comforting

I hope this photo of us three taken at the barn on our field is comforting

Dear Shoshana,

Knowing how awful your loss is, I feel selfish in saying that Jim's death has torn a great gouge in me-I feel spiritually and intellectually bereft, not to say bereft of his warm and always joyful company.

I wont be able to get to you all by next weekend, but would dearly love to come and spend time with you, Chloe and Jake  later on this year, so we can remember Jim together. 

My love  to all of you, and Janet is thinking of you all and sends her love.
If there is anything specific you would like me to help with , please let me know--you know I will do anything possible. i will be in touch with you soon.


Dear Chloe,

I was devastated to hear of Jim's death, and of course have already written to Shoshana. Although we haven't met often, Jim spoke of you and Jake frequently. Shoshana knows of my feelings for JIm, but  I wanted you also to know  that Jim and I had that most precious human gift -unflinching friendship based on respect admiration and love. I feel sadly diminished without him. Our friendship was shared with Robin Murray, the third person in the photo ( taken on our field in Sussex, ) .Since we first all met  11 years ago, we developed an ever deeper friendship. We met every time Jim came to London, and spent hours talking together. 
He was a wonderful man , and we will miss him.

Please let me know if I can help in any way, and I look forward to the next time we meet.

With love