A Message from Sara Hess

I got to know Jim through my role supporting the Demeter Network. It's nearly impossible to imagine that someone so vibrantly full of life and an eagerness to help others is no longer here with us. Jim was the rare soul that can mix intellectual drive and curiosity with the ability to get things done. His enthusiasm was infinite and so was his love for his family and friends. I've never seen someone so personally dedicated to the task of helping others succeed at their goals and live the lives that they want to live. This is a beautiful legacy. 

Below is a link to a Telegraph article about Jim. The author doesn't seem to fully appreciate who he is but she does such a good job of bringing him to life thought her words that I had to smile while reading it: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/2863584/Business-profile-Getting-lost-and-found-in-the-translation.html

To the family, I am so deeply sorry for your loss. It is simply tremendous. I too lost a parent when I was young and have come to the conclusion that time heals about 75% of the pain but the remaining 25% stays with you and on the best of days it motivates you to make something of your time here. As Jim said, we all must do our best to "Be good!"