by Riccardo and Cagla Reggio

Dear Shoshana,

My wife Cagla and I are absolutely desolate about Jim's departure. 

We both met him in 1999 when working at Monitor with Richard Broyd. I was a young financial analyst and the first impact with Jim was like nothing I ever experienced (before or since). I remember this big guy, big shoulders, big hands, even bigger smile - telling me how everything was going to change, and we were going to become ubiquitous, and that all we do would be dis-intermediated (was that even a word??), and the future was peer-to-peer...... 

Took me years to understand fully what he meant, much less time to establish that:

1. It was not him that was rambling crazy talk - I was the one who was a few steps behind;
2. He was clearly passionate about his work, but even more so about the people he worked with;
3. Jim was one of the earnest, warmest people you could possibly come across.

Over time, we kept in touch lightly but then lost contact for a long time, until recently when last March he called me and asked if I was interested in helping out with Demeter. Frankly, even before he started explaining what Demeter was, I already knew I wanted to get involved. Almost 20 years since our first meeting, I knew for a fact that if you come across someone like Jim, you stay close and spend as much time as you can together, because there are not many around like that.

These past few months were confirmation of all this - I truly enjoyed all of it. I am so thankful I got to spend some more time with him, it feels truly like a gift.

I do not know what is going to happen with Demeter - we will discuss these matters in the coming weeks. But I do hope we can carry on with it in a way that reflects Jim's spirit and vision, and through this honor his memory as best we can.

I live in London and my wife is going to give birth to our second child imminently - therefore unable to come to the celebration on Sunday. I do hope in the near future we will have the opportunity to meet - I have never been to the farm in spite of Jim's exhortations to take the trip and go fishing with him. I would still like to do that one day, with your permission.

Finally - I like to remember Jim's trademark salutation - Be Good! It was not just a wish for one's continued well being, but an exhortation to be a better person. So, we will keep trying and doing our best, Jim.

All our love and prayers with you and the kids

Riccardo & Cagla