A Message from Juliet Assante

Jim would always make time to speak, no matter what and so I knew something wasn't right when he asked that Vimala pick our next call. I sent him a message asking if everything was alright and now i find out that even though he must have been in a lot of pain. He tried to make me laugh by telling me that he was still on our witchcraft script. (a little joke we had).

He was recently growing a beard and would frequently ask if had achieved the credibility to go take a bowl on the street. He was growing the beard as his deal to get Chloe to not get a piercing or tattoo he said. I am laughing now just remembering this. He would talk about his family often.

I met Jim during my time at the Kennedy school. There is no way I would be where I am now in my life after school progress without him. His encouragement was palpable. When we spoke just after Christmas, he said to me, 'Juliet, anyone else would have given up, but you didn't. know that I am here for you. Let me know how i can help and promise to call me every two weeks'...