A Message from Mark Charnock

I worked for Jim well over 20 years ago both at Thorn EMI and Laura Ashley. He was good to be around, had a smile from ear to ear and saw the humour in situations even when things were going pear shaped. I can remember Jim letting me know I was being sent to work in Mexico by asking me "So, Mark, do you like Mexican food?", at which point he and the CFO fell about laughing. In the end my stint in Mexico turned out to be wondefully enriching, despite my reluctance to go in the first place. My time under Jim at Laura Ashey was unfortunately, less happy but I remember Jim with fondness. He was a square peg in a round hole in the corporate world; maybe his efforts in the last 20 or so years will in time help to square the circle as clearly the nature of successful corporations is changing. It's a pity we lost contact as I think what I'm involved with now as MD of a social enterpirse would have resonated with some of Jim's more recent activity (www.goneforgood.org.uk). Anyway, sincere condolences to Shoshana and Jm's children. Mark